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4 Benefits Of A Vehicle Service Plan

If you have an auto warranty that is set to expire or has expired, you're likely receiving calls or mass mailers reminding you that you are at risk for paying high repair costs should your vehicle break down. While this is true, it doesn't tell you the whole story.

When you invest in an A-Rated vehicle service plan from a reputable company, you get many more benefits than just coverage on parts and labor.

While not all policies offer the same coverage, check to see if the vehicle service plan you're interested in includes the following four benefits:

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Coverage with an ASE-certified mechanic. Factory warranties limit where you can take your auto in the event of a breakdown, but at least they will cover certain costs.

24/7 roadside assistance with towing service. Breakdowns usually don't happen in the most convenient places, and they can happen at any hour.

Rental car coverage. In the past when you needed something fixed on your auto, was your mechanic always able to fix it within 24 hours?

With a vehicle service plan, you should have a clause that includes coverage for a rental car so you aren't stuck without transportation while your vehicle is still in the shop.

Transferrable ownership. Did you know that some vehicle service plans are transferrable with the ownership of your auto? This is a great benefit if you were to think about selling your auto.

Used cars are very popular now. However, many buyers are concerned about what problems they may be buying. You will increase your chances for getting top dollar for your vehicle if your auto is covered by a vehicle service plan.