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A Proper Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan Is a Must for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Has anyone ever prepared for a disaster? We're not just talking about "natural disasters". (Though natural disasters can certainly destroy small and medium-sized businesses.) Think about how technology businesses are interdependent. Can a small business operator if it loses all its data forever?

Backup and disaster recovery checklist:

You need a plan: 

You need to plan for any unforeseen problems as data loss comes in many forms. Your backup and accident recovery plan should take into account the workstations and servers that need to be restored. 

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What is the best backup system for small and medium-sized businesses?

The remote controller is the best choice for an affordable backup system. He puts the responsibility in the hands of a trained IT professional. It can be planned to work regularly and reliably. You choose whether the archive is complete, incremental, or on-demand.

Do you have a full disk image?

Full disk images provide data protection for all programs, settings, configurations, system, and user data. The ability to save full and additional images gives you restore points for recovery at the same time. What are the benefits of recovering now? Your system has been updated with the latest settings and data sets.

Flexible configuration and control: 

Choose a filing system that fits your service provider's system management framework. Better Archive Recovery System Manage, monitor, protect, and secure your system from a single web-based management console. Remote archives can be fully automated and left unattended to recover lost files in minutes.