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A Starters Guide For Choosing The Right Protective Gear For Boxing

The art of boxing has been around for hundreds of years in different forms; enjoyed by men and women, it offers a relatively safe and controlled sports outlet that keeps our deepest instincts animalistic to the surface of our heads. 

These days both boxing for women and men is enjoyed by millions of people worldwide and can be seen as its classic original form of kickboxing and more recently as mixed martial arts which combines together many fighting styles. You can also buy any kind of boxing gloves from companies such as

Although the fighting is kept in the ring and is applied under the keen eye of a referee.

To avoid particularly severe fractures, sprains or strains on your car or on your opponent, there are two particular things necessary; first a solid knowledge of basic defensive moves and also good quality protective gear for boxing. 

Fortunately for us, because of the popularity of this sport there is a growing range of equipment available in a number of different sizes, shapes, colors and designs; as well as being for men and women. 

The downside of having such protective equipment for boxing is that beginners to the sport may find it confusing and frustrating trying to understand exactly what they need to start. 

To help you stitch in the right direction here is a vital protective equipment list required initially for training sessions, sparring and fighting matches.