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Absence Management Guide – For Every Organization

Absenteeism management is the process of identifying trends and reasons for absenteeism at work and correcting them. The goal is to reduce unplanned or excessive absenteeism in an organization through well-designed waiting policies, management interventions, positive workplace culture, effective communication, mental health programs, etc.

Absence Types:

Before learning how and what good attendance management is, it is important to understand the differences in absenteeism in order to handle them properly. The different types of absenteeism can be divided into two categories, planned and unplanned. For managing all these tasks easily and efficiently there are so many absent management software via ScheduleLeave are available in the market. 

Absence management

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Planned Absences:

Planned absences are informed in advance, approved by management, and, most importantly, do not affect team performance. Planned absences are holidays, weddings, parental leave, etc.,

Unplanned Absences:

Unplanned absenteeism is something that occurs unannounced, where the employee does not need to be available for work. This could be an illness, medical emergency, accident, death, or other personal liability. Unscheduled absenteeism is unavoidable in any organization and controlling it would be a violation of employee rights. However, employees and organizations must balance the number of unplanned vacation days so that there are no dependencies and dents.

The two types of absenteeism mentioned above largely comply with employer rules and guidelines. The concept of absenteeism management mainly refers to this type of absenteeism.

Absence Duration:

Another absenteeism that definitely requires intervention is long-term absenteeism. In this category, AWOL employees persist without notice for long periods of time and project problems for the organization. Continuous absenteeism or irregularity in work performance is the most important place where employee absenteeism management needs to be implemented.