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Advantages Of Data Visualization

Daniel Keys Moran, a well-known computer programmer, said: "You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data." As an entrepreneur, you naturally need a solution to have valuable business information in the shortest possible time.

This is possible thanks to the data visualization offered by BI reporting tools. In a competitive environment, companies with the ability to collect and analyze their data are better able to make the right decision.

Speed has been the key to success, and data visualization helps companies achieve this by showing valuable business data. You can also opt for Power BI Report template for reporting & application marketplace from vizbp.

With advances in technological progress, convergence has finally become a reality. Convergence easily closes the gap between complex data and end-users.

Control panel

Dashboards are defined as easy-to-read real-time interfaces that provide current state snapshots of important business processes such as charts or graphs.

Dashboards are one of the most useful and widely used tools to support quick and right decisions. The dashboard can display various special performance counters that are important for various departments of the company.

The production window can display the total number of units produced, average hourly production rate, number of units produced that are not inspected in a month, etc.

The main advantage of the dashboard is that it can be adjusted so that only relevant data is displayed, which saves a lot of time during the decision making process.

Dashboards that are currently available are usually divided into three categories: desktop gadgets, web-based applications, and stand-alone solutions with shiny lines, bullets, graphics, and/or graphic data.

Dashboards can also be integrated with mobile business information solutions to ensure seamless connectivity regardless of the user's location.