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Advantages of Using Eco friendly Wheat Straws

What exactly wheat straw is?

Wheat straw is the stem remaining after wheat grains reaped.  Conventionally, it has been treated as waste. Farmers in few countries burn, contributing to air pollution and creating a public health hazard. However, this stem still has value.

This material is reclaim and use it to make products as wheat straw. To know more information about  wheat straws  you can visit

wheat straw

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Why do we use it?

We know that forests are threatened and endangered  across  the globe, so it is important for us to find alternative materials that do not require the resources of a virgin forest. For wheat straw, you can use great performance disposable "paper" products, but know that you are choosing products made from wheat straw that are rapidly renewable and reclaimed instead of trees. 

What's cool about it?

By utilizing wheat straw, we swerve materials from the waste stream and use of reclaimed resources to create a durable, lightweight, and compostable packaging. Generally wheat straw production facilities are also located near the wheat field, in order to minimize transportation in the supply chain.

For now commercial composting facilities that accept food waste are not widespread in many countries. Probably this change soon, as wheat straw is a valuable addition to the compost often fibrous to support the composting process.