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Alternative Medicine – Naturopathic Doctors

The term "alternative medicine" is loosely used to include any health practitioner who is not using the conventional or orthodox approach to drug prescriptions and considers their methods to be "natural." 

The Art of Medicine

What might be the ideal, the highest form of this art, no matter what terms are used to describe it, whether it be alternative medicine, complementary medicine, or holistic medicine?

Ideally, the practitioner is knowledgeable about diseases and their diagnoses. This means deciphering their client's symptoms in relation to lab test results. You can also look for naturopath remedy for digestion & improved gut health online. 

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They must understand how and why health may slowly succumb to the disease. The disease may take years and even decades to develop and during this interim, the practitioner must witness their client's tendencies, know ways of halting its progression and assist the body to return to health once again. This is preventative medicine and is a very important component of alternative medicine.

A practitioner must know the reasons why health declines. These include the following:

Lack of nutrients including vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, proteins, and fats, are all required for health.

Lack of sufficient exposure to sunshine leads to vitamin D deficiency which underlies osteoporosis, some multiple sclerosis patients, low thyroid hormone symptoms, and others.

Lack of sleep and adequate rest leads to nervous exhaustion, adrenal deficiency, and a host of psychological problems.

Unremitting stress harms the nervous system and the mind.

Environmental chemicals and toxins are a burden to the body. 

They can damage RNA and DNA, and cause irritation and inflammation. One category of chemicals termed Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals interfere with normal endocrine and thyroid function.