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Better Battery Life For Your Android Phone

Earlier, people could use their mobile for days without charging it once. But nowadays, with the added features on a mobile phone, it is now hard to last a whole day with a single charge.

Phones today are equipped with a bigger color screen, different kinds of wireless connections, cameras, and music players, among many others. It is very hard for that little phone battery to keep up with all the changes. I will attempt to help you guys on your quest for better battery life on your Android device.

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The best way to make your device longer is to turn off all unused connectivity options. These include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, and most importantly 3G. Unless it is absolutely necessary to change them as much as you can. Many different applications available in the market to manage the connection. If you are browsing on your device or browse on your device often, switch off 3G, a faster connection can greatly affect your battery life. You can do so by accessing the settings on your device.

Avoid using your cell phone as a music player: MP3 player pretty cheap nowadays; do not use your phone as a music device. You will find a better music experience when stepping outside your Android device and you will not regret it when you really need to use your cell phone only to find you drain your battery.