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Buy A Commercial Frozen Yoghurt Machine

Restaurant owners and businesses looking to increase customer satisfaction and retention should seriously consider purchasing a commercial frozen yogurt machine. 

Health-conscious consumers will appreciate the fact that you serve up a much better frozen dessert than ice cream. 

Once it finds out that you have frozen yogurt on the menu, you will likely see a spike in business. You can also find information regarding frozen yoghurt machines via

Buy A Commercial Frozen Yoghurt Machine

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Buying a commercial frozen yogurt machine is a great solution for small businesses, as the good ones cost at least $ 6,000. At this price, you can buy a table model that holds about 20 liters. 

To buy a high-volume floor model, you'll need to spend at least $ 13,000. This way you get a machine that can serve two different flavors separately or vice versa. The larger floor engine produces nearly 40 liters of product, making it twice as much as most tabletop models.

When choosing a commercial frozen yogurt machine, it is important to consider what type of restaurant you are buying it for. If you are planning to start a frozen dessert business, you will probably need multiple units to keep up with the volume you are serving. 

If you buy more than one unit, you can offer more than two flavors at the same time. This is a must-have for any upcoming business looking to build a customer base. 

Most machines can also function as ice cream makers, so you can switch to serving ice cream when you don't need extra capacity.