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Buying Sunglasses Online – Choosing The Right Pair

Selecting the right frame is the first step to selecting sunglasses that will suit your needs. By looking at your face, you can often determine if the frame will fit well. Rectangular frames are best for people with round faces. Oval glasses are best for people with diamond-shaped faces, such as those with high cheekbones or bones. You can purchase sunglasses online.

Oval frames are more flattering for square faces, which is when the forehead and chin are wide. A triangular face is defined by a narrow forehead and narrow jaw. People with this face prefer glasses with straight top lines.

Online sunglass buyers should pay close attention to the materials of their lenses. Most modern glasses are made from polycarbonate, glass, and plastic. Many sunglass manufacturers favor polycarbonate because it is light, durable, scratch-resistant, and lightweight. 

Glass is also popular for those who desire a heavier feel and excellent scratch resistance. Although plastic is not as common, it is often preferred for its lightweight and affordability.

After you have chosen your frame material and type, decide if you want polarization. Polarized sunglasses reduce the glare from water and snow. 

These sunglasses were originally created for fishermen to see through the glare to spot fish in the water. They have since been adopted by skiers, water sport enthusiasts, and drivers who wish to reduce glare on the roads. It blocks all light that is reflected off surfaces.

You should also consider how the glasses fit. The typical fold-out design is fine if you are using them daily. You should choose a strong wrap-around design if you plan to use them for skiing or other intense sports.