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Choosing an IT Cloud Services Provider

Whether you are an executive of a global enterprise or a business owner with a small IT team of at least 2 people, the pressure is on. Your organization needs to cut costs and boost service levels. You want to be a champion for your team to be a leader in maximizing rewards and minimizing risks. To do so, you must be thoughtful about focusing your internal resources on core competencies, the key drivers that most greatly differentiate your organization from others in your industry.

And, you must be honest about when and where it makes sense to apply leverage using outside resources and/or new technologies or processes to give your organization the greatest advantages, and the best foundation for supporting your core competencies. Managed cloud services from can help businesses create an effective IT infrastructure for their company.

Once you accept this mission, how do you execute it successfully?

The following brief presumes you have already identified suspect activities that merit further scrutiny regarding considering internal and/or external service providers. After this shortlist is identified, it is time to consider alternatives for the scope of services that you may want from service providers.

Preparing services to scope alternatives

The extent of services and their comprising activities that are to be included in providers' proposals are called the scope of work, or scope. Consider that there are many alternatives, ranging from all-encompassing holistic scope down to scope which is highly sub-divided into key activities and/or augmentations.