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Choosing New Sliding Windows And Doors

If you're looking to replace your windows When you begin to look at the different options on the market today, things may begin to become complicated. There are a variety of sliding windows available in the market, a variety of materials, an array of colours, low-emissivity glass, hardened glass and many more, which means that making the right choice isn't easy.

A look at the various designs of windows, one that is the most sought-after are the casement windows. They usually have hinges on the sides, but can be hinged at the top or the bottom. The top and bottom hinged windows are sometimes referred to as hopper or awning windows. Window casement doors usually open to the outside technically, however the hopper window must be open to the inside.

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Then there are windows with tilt and turns. These windows open to the room via side hinges. They also come with bottom hinges and when you move the handle of the window to a new position, the side hinges can be removed as well as the hinges on the bottom are engaged in such a way that the window expands outwards by extending from top to bottom. 

Sliding windows for sliding sash can be single-hung, in which one sash is moved – typically the one on the bottom and double hung so that both sashes are moved. These windows are usually older styles made of wood. 

If you are in an area of conservation or an listed building, you must check with the local council prior to replacing them as they may not allow you to alter the design to, for instance, a casement window. If you do decide to proceed then you could be subject to a fine up to 5,000, and ordered to buy new windows with sash.