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Do your products need CE marking In UK ?

Many products need CE signs before they can be sold in the EU. The CE sign shows that the product has been evaluated by manufacturers and meets the EU requirements for safety, health, and environmental protection. Needed for products produced throughout the world which are then sold in the EU.

Here are some points mentioned below. You can check out this source:What is UKCA Certification & its Marking Process? & Blue Dice Solutions to sell your products in the market.

When does CE sign mandatory?

CE marking is only mandatory for products that have EU specifications and those who need a CE sign. Some products are subject to several EU requirements simultaneously. You must ensure that your product meets all relevant requirements before you apply the CE sign. 

How do I get a CE sign?

As a product manufacturer, you are fully responsible for certifying compliance with all requirements. You don't need a license to sign a CE to your product, but before you can do it, you must ensure compliance with all relevant requirements throughout the EU.

Do you need an independent assessment?

You need to check whether your product needs to be tested by the bodies notified. You can find this information in the law that applies to your product: Check the product category rules.

How do you use the CE sign?

CE marking should be visible, legible, and permanent. The CE mark shall consist of the initials "CE", with both letters have the same vertical dimension, and not less than 5 mm (unless otherwise stated in the relevant product requirements).