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Employee Skills Assessment Can Increase Profitability

The connection between skills assessment and profits may not be obvious, but that may be because managers are so busy managing people, projects, and budgets that this type of testing may seem unnecessary.

After all, as a manager, you believe you already know your staff's strong and weak points. But belief can turn into false perception over time, and good employees may underperform in some roles, leaving both you and the employee frustrated and demoralized.

But what if that employee loses confidence and begins to underperform on a regular basis? What about the hard costs of these failures? However, you can also use Employee Assessment Tools & Recruitment Assessment Tools from Wild Noodle.

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Recruiting costs: Each time an employee leaves, the hiring cycle begins again. These costs can be significant and include: advertising and/or job postings, recruitment agencies, background checks, reference checks, drug testing, plus overtime and temp help pay to cover the staffing shortage.

Hiring costs: Once you've made the hire, the turnover costs don't stop! From sign on bonuses, to relocation, to salary increases to attract new talent or compete, the costs can add up quickly.

The time spent by HR managers to on-board and train the new employee can also be costly and time consuming.

Not only will you make better management decisions when handing out assignments and promotions, but you'll reduce turnover and improve project outcomes, increasing your department's ROI. And that's good for everybody!