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Fuel-Efficient Volvo Trucks For Sale

Volvo is the second-largest truck manufacturer in the world, behind General Motors. However, they are vying for the top spot in this segment. They have created a hybrid truck they plan to sell to other industries, especially to those who have a large fleet of trucks. 

They have teamed up to develop their hybrid trucks with the US Air Force, which will be the first company to use hybrid truck technology. The construction of the vehicles is already underway and four of these trucks have already been ordered by the US Air Force. Navigate the site to learn more about Volvo trucks on sales accordingly. 


Depending on the driving conditions and application, the government agency can reduce their fuel consumption up to 35%. Volvo and the US Air Force developed the technology behind this hybrid truck together. 

It is called the I-SAM, or Integrated Starter Alternator Motor. This uses the big Volvo alternator which doubles as an electric motor to help the truck's diesel engine to drive the truck. An alternator is an electric motor, which results in a higher fuel economy than trucks powered by a diesel engine. 

Because the alternator uses less fuel, emissions are lower and this helps to preserve the environment. The exhaust system cleans out the gas emitted from the engine, making the Volvo hybrid electric truck not only fuel-efficient but also clean.