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Get High-Capacity Lithium Batteries

In general, lithium batteries offer many different table advantages that are difficult or impossible to reproduce in any other way. They are also commonly referred to as lithium-metal batteries (because they use lithium as the anode) and usually offer a very high charge density (read: longer life) than other alternatives currently on the market.

These high-capacity batteries have various uses in our daily lives, especially those of a critical nature and for that, we don't spend too much time thinking. A special type of lithium battery is used, for example, in pacemakers and other implanted medical devices because they can often last 15 years (or more) under the appropriate circumstances. They have even started replacing traditional alkaline batteries in many everyday devices such as clocks, digital cameras, clocks, portable data assistants, and more, thanks to a longer lifetime that minimizes battery replacement over time.


Cylindrical lithium batteries, as the name suggests, have the electrodes sandwiched in a cylindrical cell that is tightly wrapped in a specially designed metal shell. This unique makeup helps minimize the possibility of the electrode material being damaged even in the most difficult conditions of use.

In contrast, prismatic lithium batteries have cells wrapped in aluminum or steel primarily to increase stability. This in turn creates several important advantages right off the gate. Due to this unique design and construction, prismatic lithium batteries are typically very thin, very light, and offer space efficiency.