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How Much Is Your Antique Items Worth?

How do you determine the value of your antique? How do appraisers and antique sellers, and other buyers decide on the value of your treasure? First, you must research.

What is the age of the patent? If it's patent number, it is easy to determine the date of its patent. There are lists of patent dates online to help identify the date of your antiques or vintage items.

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Pottery is identified using the Kovels Dictionary of Marks. The makers may use various marks to signify dates. Glass also often contains identifying marks that assist in determining the age, and determining the maker.

What exactly is it? There are books on every antique or collectible item you could imagine. Drop by an antique shop with your treasure and ask about the items you have in case you need them.

Are you looking to buy or sell? "Book Price" is the amount a serious collector is willing to offer for a sought-after item that is in perfect condition. However, you have purchased bargains from people who value their items based on a book that was 10 years old!

In the same way, insurance value is the amount it would cost to replace the item and is generally the most costly estimate. The prices on eBay can provide you with an idea of the value your item will fetch at the auction but keep in mind that auctioneers usually will pay 20 % to 50 percent of their time.