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How To Choose A Professional Solar Installer

Photovoltaic (PV) systems are increasingly being used because of the 30% federal tax incentive and government subsidies from state and other funding agencies. 

Unfortunately, this has also resulted in several new and inexperienced solar companies entering the market. Some of these companies may wish to specifically take advantage of customers. You can also get information about solar installation service in Heidelberg via

Solar Panel Installation

If you are considering adding a solar system to your home, it is very important to choose a reputable and professionally trained plumber.

What type of background does your installer have? Do you have work experience in a related industry or experience in an industry that is not strictly related to solar, electrical, engineering, or rooftop? 

Are potential installers asking questions about production without site visits or correct information? Such local businesses are known to promise their customers a 54% reduction in energy bills without properly assessing location or knowing homeowners’ utility bills and energy efficiency.

Is the company playing with you on price? Have they cut the cost of the quick sale significantly the number of times you declared you couldn’t afford it? This is just to show that the initial price is too high and they are trying to persuade you.

Asking these basic questions can help you avoid the benefits. Remember: solar photovoltaic systems have been around for a long time and are effective under the right circumstances and have a long life.