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How To Get Garmin Express Map Updates To Stay Updated With Shortest Routes?

Garmin Express Maps are a great help to many people, especially to Cab drivers. Not only can this, but your journey to other cities or states also be hassle-free with Garmin device maps. To make better, updates are launched to improve directions, routes, voice assistance, and various bugs too. Also, if we ignore the updates, we may reach the wrong destination which can make things worse. So, to have your Garmin express map update free, follow these simple steps mentioned here as under.

  1. Using the USB cable which is provided with the device, connect your Garmin GPS to your PC.
  2. Launch a web browser like Chrome, Edge, or Safari for MAC OS and type Garmin's Find Map Updates.
  3. After opening the site, you’ll see "Automotive" and from there, click "Download Map Updater." Tapping on this option will save the file on your PC. In some cases, the downloading option doesn’t appear. This happens because the user’s device is not licensed for free Garmin maps updates.
  4. After downloading the file, launch the File by double-clicking or by pressing the right button from the mouse or touchpad. This will install the Garmin Map Updater on your PC
  5. To get more information, you may need to update your Microsoft .NET Framework before you open the application.
  6. After installing the application, look for the ‘search device’ option. This will recognize your device, then the disclaimer section will prompt after that move further.
  7. Then a popup will appear in the application which says "A free map update is available". If you find “Your maps are up to date” appears, it means you don’t need to update. In the case of “A map, the update is available for purchase” your device is not licensed for free updates.
  8. Now, look for “Ready to update your maps”. If you don’t have enough storage then delete some pictures or music which you don’t require anymore.
  9. Lastly, you have to leave your device for hours to download and install the updates. But make sure that the device is plugged in.