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How to Spray Paint Your Car

Most people avoid painting their own car because they fear it won't work. This fear is completely justified because you could ruin the look of your car and need a professional to fix it. However, if you learn how to paint a car properly, you will have more control over the car's design and save a lot of money.

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Before starting, park the car in a well-ventilated area to make it easier to dry. Use duct tape and plastic wrap to cover unpainted car parts such as windows, lights and mirrors. You can also delete this section.

Scrub the entire surface of your car with medium sandpaper. Make sure you haven't missed a point and that the surface is flat. Wipe with a dry cloth to remove foreign objects.

Apply a coat of primer to the surface of the car. Use a paint brush to make sure the primer is spread evenly and thinly. Let it dry as long as needed, which shouldn't take more than three hours. Use fine sandpaper to scrub the surface of the car. Sand back and forth to make sure the surface is perfectly even. You can now remove the dirt and grit particles with a dry cloth.

Make sure you paint your car in a well-ventilated place while wearing all the necessary protective equipment. Color is toxic and can pose many health risks.