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How to Wear a Nato Gas Mask

Gas masks, also known as the term "air-purifying respirator", filter chemical gases and particles out of the air. An Israeli NATO gas mask, when used correctly, can protect you against the harmful effects of inhaling gas, vapor, and particles.

You should ensure that you have the correct filters and that your mask is properly adjusted to your face. It is possible to keep your gas mask safe from disasters by properly storing it and checking that your filters are up to date.

Using a Gas Mask

1 Your facial hair should be shaved or waxed.

Gas masks must be applied tightly to your face. A gas mask cannot seal properly if it is impeded by facial hair such as a beard or sideburns. To ensure that the gas mask seals properly, shave or wax facial hair prior to testing it or wearing it.

2.Take off jewelry and headwear.

The gas mask may not seal properly if it is surrounded by jewelry like earrings or headwear such as a scarf or hat. Remove any jewelry and headwear that could get in the way when you put on the gas mask.

3 Follow the manufacturer's instructions to attach the filter.

There are many different types of gas masks. How and when to secure the mask’s filter differs by manufacturer. Call or email the manufacturer and ask them about the proper way to attach the filter and when you should do it.