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Is a Solar Swimming Pool Cover For You?

A solar swimming pool cover can be a cost-effective way to extend your swimming season, especially if you love swimming. Although a solar pool cover will not keep the water warm as a pool heater, it will keep the pool heated.

You can use solar pool covers, which are giant sheets of bubble wrap to cover the pool. They heat the water faster and keep it warm. The cover is put on at night to retain heat and taken off in the morning when the sun warms the water. You can also install pool covers via

This will heat your water faster than using no water at all and can be done every night for several days or even weeks depending on where you live. 

This will help you start your swimming season earlier in the spring and, if done again in the fall, it will also extend your swimming season.

These solar pool covers are easy to remove and store during the day. They are difficult to manage because they are one huge sheet. Although you can purchase a huge roller to roll up the sheet, they are quite expensive.

A solar swimming pool cover is essential if you want to swim earlier or want warmer water.

You can order a solar cover online if you are unsure about the size. This will allow you to save some money.

Simply measure your pool to determine the size you need and then buy a slightly larger one. The solar covers can be cut to any size you like.