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Lance Armstrong and the the Tour de France

The Tour de France would be the grandest cycling race worldwide, covering greater than 2,200 miles of French countryside. All bike riders all over the world think about going to France to participate in the Tour as their most important phase in their bicycling careers. It is the one racing event in which media outlets provide the event to countless watching cycling followers. The Tour de France goes for 23 days. Every phase of the race goes through idyllic French communities which show the beauty with the countryside. Many of the tourists go on vacations to see the Tour and enjoy the French countryside. In certain Tour's, the race goes cross the border of Spain or Italy. You can find generous vacation packages which takes you to a wide variety of destinations to see the race. Travel offers are the most useful approach to arrange resort rooms close to the Tour course.

Many reasons exist why this race is among the most prestigious cycling event in the world. For one, it's the most ancient bicycle race in the world. No other cycling tour predated the Tour de France, so we can say that most of the policies and era of bicycling events descends from this event. The Tour de France is usually one of the most gruelling cycle race and also the most mentally challenging race of any sports event. Participants have to ride through the steep mountains and then through meandering roads to complete the race.

Inspite of the greatness of the Tour, it's going to long be thought of from the drug cheating wins by Lance Armstrong. Armstrong's frequent denials, untruths and also threats long held his drug use and cheating undetectable. He was in the end uncovered by whistle blowers who exposed him at potential risk to themselves. Lance Armstrong eventually confessed just what he did and his wins have been stripped away from him. Unfortunately the Tour de France will be scared by this and thought of because of this. Ideally time will heal that wound.