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Must-Have Cloth Diaper Accessories

Parents prefer reusable cloth diapers when they want to go green. Plus, parents can save over $3,000 by switching to reusable cloth diapers. You can easily buy the best reusable cloth nappies online via

Like any system, it takes time to get the hang of it. This also applies to cloth diapers. So, before you embark on your reusable cloth diaper journey, there are a few diaper kits you should buy.

Here are cloth diaper accessories that you must have.

1. Diaper bucket

This is clear and must.

Washing reusable diapers daily is very difficult. So if you wash diapers every 2-3 days, you need to store the soiled diapers.

Take a diaper pail, preferably with a lid. Coated can help retain odors.

2. Wet pocket

A wet bag is an absolute must-have when travelling.

Whether you're visiting the doctor or taking a trip, you'll need to bring an extra reusable diaper with you. And wet bags make it easy to store contaminated bags.

Plus, once your baby runs out of diapers, you can use a wet bag to store electronics or carry your bathing suit.

3. Cloth handkerchief

In addition to reusable diapers, you need to have enough wet wipes. Use these wipes to clean your baby's bottom.

Cloth towels are available and can also be used once your baby is big. You can reconfigure it as a rag and use it for cleaning.

However, if you don't like wet wipes, you can always rely on disposable wipes.