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Plastic Pallets Versus Timber Pallets: Which Are Best?

What are Pallets?

Pallets (also known as crates) are used to help transport goods across the country. They do this by providing a solid base on which to store and secure the goods, without taking into account permanent damage. In addition, they provide a solid base for stacking and moving goods using a forklift truck.

Traditionally pallets are made of wood, but with the increase in the development of plastics in recent years, they have been made from this material. But the big question is, which one should you use? You can also visit this website to buy custom pallets.

Should you use traditional wood or new plastic for your pallets and crates?

Advantages of wooden pallets

If you choose wood, what benefits does it give you:

Cost: Timber pallets made from common and readily available wood can be manufactured very cheaply, meaning they can be cheaper to buy than plastic, which requires a more sophisticated manufacturing process.

Easy to find: Wood pallets are easily obtained from most builders' dealers or hardware stores if you want to own pallets. Plastic pallets are much more specialized and not so readily available to buy.

You can even make them yourself from a wooden crate.

Easy to fix: The life of pallets can be quite tough, so are often damaged. However, with wood pallets, you can often fix them easily by replacing sections of wood or nails.

Strength: Wood can be great at lifting very heavyweights, which can put a lot of stress on some plastic boxes.