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Recitation of the Quran

Beautifully reciting the Quran is a must in Islam. It is essential to listen to the Quran using Tarteel as per Ibn Kathir who wrote a famous commentary on the Quran during the thirteenth century. 

The idea was in the ability to "recite it slowly, reciting the Quran slowly and make the words clear to provide aid in comprehending and contemplating the significance in The Quran." You can navigate to  for learning intermediate courses of the Quran online.

Learn Quran with Tajweed Online Classes for Kids & Adults

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The Arabic word "Tarteel" means "slow, measured, and clear." In Arabic, it is said that Tarteel can be translated to "slow and measured rhythmic tones". 

A different word that you will come across while considering how the Quran must be read is Tajweed. This refers to reading the Quran correctly and with the correct pronunciation. It should be learned under an experienced teacher to ensure that any errors can be corrected. 

The art of learning proper Tajweed is a lengthy process and must be refined. Every Muslim must learn the Tajweed rules for reading the Quran because reciting the Quran in the wrong way could cause the meaning to be altered.

Muslims place a lot of importance on those who recite the Quran in stunning voice, using Tarteel and Tajweed one of the most beautiful and loved recitations.