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Save Money On Buying Outdoor Cushions

Buying outdoor patio furniture can be a challenge for people who are not used to crafting their own items. One way to make the task much easier is to purchase pre-made cushions from online vendors or large department stores. These cushions as displayed on will be large enough that they will cushion your seating and keep it from moving in all kinds of wind. Before purchasing cushions, however, there are several things that you need to keep in mind in order to make the selection process as easy and pleasurable as possible.

First, measure your patio or deck carefully. Make sure that you obtain the correct replacement patio cushions for your existing chairs. If you do not have a straight walkway leading from your house to the outdoor seating areas, you should measure each individual chair and provide suitable replacements. If you only have a small patio measuring around about ten feet, you will generally need about ten inches of new outdoor fabric on each individual chair. This will give your seating plenty of space for movement.

Next, consider the design and style of your deck. Determine whether you want to match your cushions to your outdoor patio furniture or create a completely new look using the same colors and patterns as your outdoor furniture. You may also want to consider a decorative border edging to decorate your patio. These designs and styles can be purchased separately or in set pieces. Many online vendors offer options that include a custom-cut variety of colorful, patterned, and printed outdoor cushions.

If your cushions are made from old and worn materials, consider recycling them or donating them to a local thrift shop or donation center. This is a great way to help save the environment by reusing items and receiving monetary benefits in the process. If your cushions are new, however, you may prefer to purchase new outdoor cushions to replace the ones that are damaged. You can purchase discount patio cushions at many retail stores and online. You may be able to find discounts and promotions for purchasing multiple sets or bulk orders.

To further reduce your costs and maintain the cleanliness of your cushions, regularly vacuum, wash, and stain treat your cushions. The outdoor cushions you use on your patio chair and other patio furniture should be cleaned by you using a soft bristled brush and mild soap. Do not use any harsh chemical cleansers. To get started, remove the cushions from their storage bags and rinse with hot water. Follow this by placing them in a dry, cool location.

After your outdoor patio cushions have dried, apply a protective, waterproof coating. Most experts recommend applying a coat of polyurethane to protect your cushions and eliminate problems such as mildew and rot. Polyurethane is available at most furniture and hardware stores. If you want to go even further, you can have your cushions engraved with a memorable message or title. This will make your outdoor patio furniture sets even more unique. You can also buy outdoor patio cushions personalized to match the style of your outdoor patio chairs and tables.