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How to Choose The Best motorised Blinds For Your Home? – not complete

Have you ever looked at blinds and thought that the options and colours were overwhelming? Do you find it difficult to understand the benefits of having blinds over curtains or nothing at all? Choosing the right blinds for your Melbourne home can be a difficult decision but here are some great tips to get you looking in the right direction. 

What type of blinds should I choose? 

what types of blinds

Melbourne and its residents are lucky enough to experience a variable weather pattern whereby they have warm summers that can be both dry or humid, and wet and cold winters. Choosing the right blinds can help insulate and keep your home cool in summer whilst also keeping your furniture from warping or fading with the UV rays from the sun. In winter, well-chosen blinds can keep you warm and provide the most amount of light as possible without compromising privacy. 

Great options include:

1. Roller blinds. Roller blinds come in a variety of fabric selections, some of which protect from UV rays and the associated glare or even block out light completely. Your intention for your private space will ultimately lead you in the right direction of blind choice.  

2. Venetian blinds. These blinds have adjustable slats which allow you to control the amount of light you let into the room – like using a natural version of a dimmer switch on a light to create the perfectly lit atmosphere. 

3. Zebra blinds. Never fight over light settings again! These blinds are a custom design and by taking this option, you will reap the rewards of light and privacy without having to compromise. 

4. Cellular blinds. These blinds allow you to have a warmer home without having to spend a fortune on heating costs as they are designed to provide insulation and retain heat. Cellular blinds are different from other blinds available because the other forms of blinds are designed to be able to control light, privacy, and the number of UV rays you allow into your home.  

What about motorised blinds?

 control for motorised blinds

Motorised blinds can offer a huge level of convenience in the home and provide added value to the property. To consider motorised blind options, a measure and quote will need to be sourced from your reputable local blind manufacturer. If you have more than one local supplier, don’t hesitate to get multiple quotes and compare products. They should all be able to offer a similar product to meet your needs. 

Purchasing motorised blinds is not able to be done as a DIY project due to the nature of the manufacturing and installation process. However, some things that you should be aware of include buttons or switches on the wall, or remote-controlled options, which your sales consultant should be able to discuss with you.

One thing to be sure to discuss with your sales representative is the warranty options and the average lifespan of your motor. This is because things wear out eventually and it is convenient to know what value your supplier has to offer outside of your initial purchase that will make your life easier in the long run.