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How Completion Ratings Work In DoorDash App?

Do you want to know about completion ratings? Do you have any idea about how it works? If no, then you must read this article. In this article, we will tell you how the ranking list is arranged.

Before discussing the rankings, if you are not registered on the DoorDash app then you can click over here to register yourself and start working as a DoorDash driver.

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When dasher receives orders, it is counted with all other commands that are created, and the list of successful deliveries provide a degree of acceptance. This is called the rate of completion.

There are many factors accepted as a reason for not completing the delivery, although one that is not is the annulment of fraud, which is often the case when dealing with Dashers who are trying to game the system to guarantee incentives.

If Dasher is found to be fraudulent, they will be disabled for life. If the low completion rate for other reasons, Dasher will get notification of their low rank and will either try to change the situation or be deactivated.

Here is a ranking list per ranked type

Customer ratings

  • Five perfect

  • High 4.99 to 4.70

  • 4.69 to 4.30 is media

  • 4.29 to 4.20 is love

  • Anything below 4.2 is very low.

Acceptance rating

  • 100% perfect

  • 99-80% is high

  • 79-50% are media

  • 49-25% is love

  • Anything below 25% is very low

Completion Ratings

  • 100% perfect

  • 99-90% is high

  • 89-80% are media

  • 79-70% is love

  • Anything below 70% is very low