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Use Of Marijuana In Canada

Marijuana harassment has reached the proportion of epidemics in Canada and the problem is only worse. In fact, discussions and controversy about the use of marijuana were widespread in all Canadian societies. 

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Governments constantly pass the law of medical marijuana, activists fight for and oppose legalization by utilizing their various governments, and social sites like Facebook and Twitter are filled with user feedback. 

In addition, the government's efforts to stop human and ownership of marijuana and other illegal drugs have resulted in the arrest of people from all levels of society. Hundreds of thousands of violent non-violent drug villains fill in prison throughout the country, most of them were imprisoned on charges of marijuana.

Although there are significant efforts by law enforcement agencies in Canada and abroad, marijuana is the most popular illegal drug in the world. Its use also has a public acceptance that is much higher than cocaine, heroin, and other drugs. 

A 2010 study found that teenagers in Canada now consume more marijuana than tobacco. Most researchers quote the availability of drugs today and change their consumption as reasons for this phenomenon. 

In addition, many teenagers believe that marijuana is far more harmful to health than cigarettes or chewing tobacco, especially in terms of physical habits and addiction. 

Many argue that this trend was caused by this parent's care in the 1960s, the era of using drugs widespread and widely accepted among young people. In addition, some older people use marijuana to treat glaucoma, joint pain, and other conditions that usually affect parents.