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Tips To Become An MMA Fighter

Many people ask us how to start in the training MMA some goals are simply to get a better form and they feel that the training of MMA is the vehicle to drive them while some want to become a fighter and not real in the ring / Octagon. 

Since MMA bears with it not only a type of discipline and it is currently difficult to find a while in the same place to train in MMA. You can find training equipment (which is also called ‘ quipement de formation ’ in French) from various online sources. 

These elements can be used in any city: 

1. Boot and hit (Muy Thai, Karate, Boxing)

This work is to accelerate your hand and work it and can be done with a heavy folder if you can train with a partner that can keep the typing bags or focus mittens. 

Focus mittens will result in your coordination of the eyes/hands and are great for developing speed and punches. The heavy bag is more of a power construction movement that gives you a lot of Knockout power.

2. Training of force (power cleaning, snatch, jerk)

Most of your force training must be composed of compound exercises. What this means is that you will choose lifting exercises that use more than one muscle when you do it. 

Unlike bodybuilders who want to isolate muscle for maximum growth, you want to form your muscle to work together and push yourself exactly at the same time.