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The Freeze-and-Fuse Technique in Glass Kilns

You can use glass furnaces to create fabulous three-dimensional glass art pieces like plates and jewelry with the freeze-melt technique. Freezing and melting is a pate de Verre technique that fuses at low temperature. You will need a flexible mold, like the ones used to make soap or candy. Therefore, changing the percentage of the color mix allows you to achieve a variety of shades with the same color.

Supplies needed are a soap, candy, or other flexible mold, glass powders that have the same COE, a cup, water, a stir stick, sandpaper, toothpicks, paper towels, glass or frit handles, a small brush and a dust mask.

It is necessary to wear a dust mask when doing this technique, as breathing small glass particles is extremely toxic. If your piece uses more than one color, you must mix the colors in separate cups. To mix the glass powder, place the powder in a cup, and add enough water to completely cover the glass powder. We are proud to offer this high-quality Bullseye Glass Molds for Sale Online.

Using the popsicle stick or a brush, place the mixture into the flexible pan and gently tap the pan so that the paste settles. If you want, you can create interesting designs by placing glass or fry slats on the bottom that will become the top when you turn on the piece before you put the mixture into the mold.

You can use a toothpick to blow bubbles to the surface. If your piece is multi-layered, pat the surface dry with a paper towel for cleaner boundaries. The mold should be full, and you can use the popsicle stick to smooth the top surface.