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The Making of Your Car Exhaust System In Spain

The series of pipes and fittings under your car is called the exhaust system and its main role is to ensure that the gases produced by combustion are safely discharged to the outside with fewer emissions and noise. 

If there is a problem with the exhaust, you and the passengers in the car are at risk. You need to know the different parts of the exhaust system and understand their function to know how they will help you and others. Get more information about exhaust systems at

The manifold is the one that attaches directly to the engine block of the car. This can be a pipe or a series of pipes used to allow gas to exit the car's cylinders and into the exhaust system. It can consist of aluminum, iron or steel.

When gases exit the engine through the exhaust manifold, these pollutants enter a large bowl-like device called a catalytic converter. It is a very important part of the silencer and has the job of cleaning the gases that pass through it through a chemical reaction. The gas is converted into water and carbon dioxide to ensure that the gas is less harmful and better for the environment. 

On some cars, the silencer is visible from the rear. This is a large compartment that is fitted with a muffler. This is very important to ensure that noise is reduced as the gas exits the exhaust system. There are special systems and various exhaust materials for exhaust and sound absorption. If the exhaust has holes, the sound will be much louder.