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The Purpose of Diversity Training

The purpose of diversity training is to help people learn about other people who are different from them. Participants are encouraged to learn more about others and become more tolerant of them to improve communication at work.

To become a diversity leadership spokesperson, certain skills are needed. Confidence is perhaps the most important attribute. There is no point in encouraging others to be more relaxed if the coach doesn't do it.

The purpose of diversity training is to change attitudes and develop better understanding among people. This is a practical approach, not academic. It is possible to learn everything about Judaism, for example to find out about Hanukkah and halal meat, but do not follow this tradition.

Knowledge is important, but only as a starting point. True learning comes from our interactions with others. People can live very safe lives by only connecting with people like themselves, e.g. Business people, Mr. A may feel uncomfortable in the presence of business women members.

He can have a number of adjectives to describe e.g. difficult names, predators, and worse ones. Obviously, this makes no sense in the context of doing business. This will likely involve leaving their comfort zone, but in this way both will learn something about each other.

Diversity is to accept that people see the world differently because of their different experiences. This means that companies can be inclusive and get rich at the same time.