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The Techniques And Tools Used To Study And Read The Bible

There are different approaches to Bible Word Study, Bible History, and how to get Bible Questions Answered. The New Testament covers the stormy history of Israel and its conflicts with the Roman Empire during the time of the Jewish Historian Josephus. 

You can know more about the bible history timeline through sites like amazing bible timeline. Following are some research techniques and tools some people use in learning how to read the Bible.

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A Bible Word Study is a technique seminary students use typically in Old Testament Hebrew or in New Testament Greek to develop a theme or subject. Then the following additional tools of a Bible Dictionary, Concordance, Lexicon, and Commentary are used by some to assist them in learning how to read the Bible.

A Bible Dictionary many times is a starting point that will lead the student to other references that have what they're looking for and can give them what they need.

A Concordance will show all the places where a word is used for building scope and context. Greek can have several different words for 1 English word. The Concordance will show the student which word it is.

The purpose of a Lexicon is to precisely define a word. This is used by some in Bible studies because Greek and especially Hebrew are both very idiomatic languages which means one word can mean different things.

Some people use a Commentary in teaching them how to read the Bible. This type of tool gives detailed information not only on grammar, but also on cultural nuances and customs.

The above tools are also used by some people to get Bible Questions Answered and to expand their options in studying the scriptures.