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Thumb Sucking And Dental Problems

After the infancy reach of children, the thumb sucking is usually ended. However, some children older replace it with another habit, like biting nails. If the behavior continues into the preschool years, problems can arise with both the pacifier sucking and thumb sucking.

If a child does not stop the practice naturally, it can cause developmental problems, both in the mouth and with speech. There are many blogs on the internet where people share share how to stop sucking thumb and avoid teeth problems. You can refer to them.

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Dental problems potency of thumb sucking

The finger or thumb sucking can affect the mouth and jaw children as early as 2 years old. The sucking pressure put on the soft tissue of the roof of the mouth of the child, as well as on the side of the upper jaw.

When this happens, the higher jaw can be narrowed, which restricts the teeth from engaging properly when the jaws are closed. It is a matter of having expensive braces but the influence goes beyond that. 

Contraction of the jaw can also cause speech problems, such as slurred.

As the child grows, the gap between the upper and lower teeth can develop from sucking her thumb. At this point, the jaw structure has changed and the muscles of the tongue may not yet be well developed.