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Tools for Locomotive Repairs And Maintenance

Parts do wear out and things do get filthy, particularly on the locomotives that do the bulk of the work. Parts may fail to work and grime may build-up, and even light bulbs could break. This is why maintaining your vehicle regularly is essential, since it's better to avoid issues, instead of spending days trying to identify and fix them.

For your own maintenance and repairs, you'll need a few basic tools, and maybe some spare parts.  You can also hire experts for railroad track repairs via online websites. These are the tools you should keep in your toolbox:

Small Screwdrivers – Most components are tiny, and you'll require one or two small screwdrivers for taking out and tightening tiny straight-blade screws. You may also require smaller screwdrivers to undo cross-point screws.

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A pair of tweezers – There's a good chance that you'll find pointed end tweezers to be a useful tool to locate and pick up tiny objects.

A Magnifier – Based on how clear your eyesight is, you may require a magnifier to be able to see the tiny components. A bench-fitted or free-standing magnifier may be the most convenient, to ensure that your hands will remain free to focus on your move.

Oil Lubricant – Be aware of the product you apply, as there won't be a lot of it, and you'll want to avoid causing harm to anything. The oil should be a plastic-compatible specialty "light" modeling train oil. There are a variety of brands to choose from.