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Top Features Of A Mobile Car Wash Pressure Washer

Mobile high-pressure cleaners differ from conventional high-pressure cleaners in many ways. For example, this machine should not have a high output pressure than a normal engine.

Simply put, cleaning a car is not like most other cleaning tasks. Pressure wash systems are commonly used to clean hard surfaces such as floors, walls, parking lots, and roads. You can also look for the best truck car wash via

Truck Wash

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However, adopting such an approach can ruin a car wash. This distinguishes mobile high-pressure cleaners from other high-pressure cleaners.

Some of the characteristics of the mobile pressure washer are as follows:

Out pressure

Pressure washer system outlet pressure varies up to 8000 psi. Such a high-pressure cleaner is not required for automatic detailing.

A good portable pressure washer should offer an outlet pressure of up to 1500psi. Engines with higher output pressures can damage the paint on the vehicle. It is always better to keep the outlet pressure below 1500psi for vehicle safety.


Portability is also an issue for steam cleaners to use in automatic cleaning. There are two types of engines on the market, wheeled engines and truck assembled engines. Both types of machines are ideal for steam car washes.

Truck-mounted machines are better suited when work moves from one location to another. Companies that offer cellular services often use these machines.

Before buying a machine, do a thorough analysis. Know your needs, then choose a machine. Choosing the right equipment is essential for an effective cleaning result.