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Use Incentive Marketing Platform to Introduce New Product Lines

For a successful internet marketing campaign, you must first define an incentivized marketing and then develop an incentive marketing program. Simply stated, this is the process by which you motivate customers to join your list and then stay signed up for extended periods. With an incentive marketing platform the key is to offer something of value to customers. Let's explore some examples.

Lets look first at the incentivized marketing platform and how it ties into your sales funnel. The basic principle is that you offer incentives to your customer in order to increase their willingness to sign up for your list. An example might be offering free web hosting or even a free ebook on how to set up your blog. These are all great incentives but they must be tied in with what your customer is looking for.

So lets say you have a free ebook on how to start a blog. This would be a great incentive marketing platform because now you have something of real value to give away. How do you get them to subscribe to your list? Well you could offer an eBook or a free web hosting package as a reward for signing up but this offers no real incentive to your customers. This would not be good incentive marketing technology.

What you need to do is offer your customers something of real value but in addition you add an incentive marketing offer to further increase their incentive to sign up to your list. So for example you create a blog post that is full of useful information and then include a link to your site in the bottom of the post. This link to your website provides a valuable incentive to your reader. Why would they want to waste money on your product when they can get the exact information they need for free?

The key to incentive marketing platforms is providing value in addition to a product. Think about it, your reader really doesn't care about whether the free product you are giving away is in actuality a free product because they already know they need your product and they are interested in it. This is where using incentives comes in. We all know we need money but with the right incentive marketing platform they will be willing to spend some money for your free ebook.

It is important to note that an incentive marketing campaign that does not work should not be continued. It is best to end them after only one or two campaigns. Otherwise you will be setting your business up for failure because if you don't know what incentive marketing platforms to use you will constantly be creating failed campaigns. If you continuously use a bad incentive marketing platform then no matter how much valuable information you provide will be useless. You will also be setting your business up for failure from a branding perspective.

When creating incentives using an incentive marketing platform make sure you include a benefit first. If you provide a product for free that helping someone solve a problem then it is a powerful incentive marketing offer. That problem could be in your industry. Or maybe your readers need a service that will help them grow their business. Or perhaps they just need a few tips on how to get more sales. Any of these problems or needs are good candidates for using an incentive marketing platform.

An incentive marketing platform that introduces new product lines is often used to create new customer segments. This is typically used when you have introduced a new product line but you want to make sure you continue to build upon the customer base that has already been established. Introducing a new product line is often used to further market existing products. So it makes sense to introduce new product lines into an incentive marketing campaign as a way to expand the size of your customer base. And you can do that effectively by using a referral program.