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Ways To Find Lease-Option Properties

You've made the creative decision to buy a home and are looking for a flexible seller who will allow you to buy it for rent. You may not have the 20% less than many lenders want today. You can also lease a property through

You may have a recent financial challenge that damaged or destroyed your credit score and needs time to fix it. Or maybe your financial challenges resulted in bankruptcy, foreclosure, or the need to sell your last home for a short sale. 

Whatever the reason, you know that returning to your home is the next important step and that buying a rental home is the right way to do it now.

The most obvious option is to contact a seller who has already advertised that they will sell the lease with an option to buy or a similar flexible buying method. You will find that a large number of sellers who promote and offer this solution are investors. 

Many of these investors have purchased these properties from rental option sellers themselves and are now offering them to you at a higher price and usually higher monthly payments than they made directly to the seller, but they are often told that some sellers are not real investors.