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What is a SAFe Agilist

The SAFe Agilist is the first important step in introducing the principles and concepts of SAFe. This certification is granted to those who have passed an examination, which you can study under the help of the two-day class named Leading SAFe. 

The name implies that Leading SAFe is intended for those who are expected to lead an enterprise that is Lean-Agile, and consequently, must be acquainted with SAFe’s Training Framework at a strategic level. 

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What is the reason to become A  SAFe Agilist

An SAFe Agilist has unique insights on what is needed to improve the current product development process that is agile. They are also able to integrate the agile management of portfolios into an efficient organization that can provide continuous stream worth to stakeholders as well as customers with the least amount of time-to-market.

Additionally the above, SAFe Agilists are also SAFe Agilist validates their knowledge using to the Scaled Agile Framework, lean thinking and product development flow principles within an enterprise setting, to facilitate the implementation and implementation of SAFe's Scaled Agile Framework within their company.

The responsibilities of the SAFe Agilist

Providing assistance to ensure the adoption, success, and ongoing development of SAFe within an organization is among the most important tasks of a succeeding SAFe Agilist.

Reacting to the necessity for innovation In helping identify the vision and objectives of an organization to help effectively communicate strategic decisions. SAFe Agilists are able to meet the demand to innovate of all team members and the stakeholders.