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Why To Remove Asbestos From Buildings

Asbestos is a mineral that occurs naturally in six different natural formations. The asbestos structure can change direction into fibres. Asbestos fibres are long, thin and crystalline.

However, in 1970 it was firmly established that exposure to asbestos could make the environment serious and dangerous for humans. You can visit this website to know about the hazards of asbestos in detail.

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Even in ancient civilizations, asbestos workers lived relatively short lives. Therefore, only slaves were used for work related to asbestos. Let me explain why it is dangerous. When these thin, strong fibres break down in any way, the tiny particles are exposed to the air. It's almost like breaking glass even though the glass doesn't expose it to air. 

These tiny particles of asbestos fibres penetrate our bodies and get stuck in our lungs. When we inhale large amounts of asbestos, it causes inflammation or infection in the lungs. This causes asbestosis. Asbestosis makes breathing difficult and can also develop pleural plaques. Asbestos can also cause lung cancer or mesothelioma. It can also cause serious damage to the throat or internal organs, which have likely been eaten accidentally.

So many countries prohibit the use of asbestos fibres excessively or externally. But old buildings still contain large amounts of asbestos. Asbestos is harmless if not exposed. However, there is always the possibility of it being damaged and exposed to air. Sometimes an injection by inhaling asbestos is sufficient. The other bad news is that it is almost impossible to see asbestos particles in the air with the naked eye. 

Special analytical tests must be performed to demonstrate exposure. So we have to be careful. We must not use products that contain asbestos in the outer layer. And if we find a damaged old building, we have to wear protective clothing when we have to go in there. Our bodies are not instruments of deception. We must not take risks that will make us suffer for life.