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You Should Know While Filling The Partnership Visa Application

Almost every year, thousands of visa applications are processed and scanned by immigration services. This can take a long time due to the complexity of the workflow and the high costs associated with it. Here are some important things to keep in mind when completing a partnership visa application for a better chance of success.

The evidence is very important:

If you believe your relationship is real, then you have to prove it. People think their relationship is real and this is the only time most visa applications fail. Due to the growing number of fake applications for Australian visas, the department is now primarily focused on Australian partner & spouse visas via partner sponsorship applications so that they can be processed without any hassle.

New Zealand Partnership - Based Visa: What You Need to Know Before Applying - Immigration Adviser Auckland

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Australian visa processing usually requires a variety of forms of evidence, including proof of cohabitation, financial evidence, social proof, and more. Australian visa processing additionally requires your supporting evidence that includes assets such as your car or other property, joint accounts, and many more for the accurate processing of your visa.

Proving long-distance relationships is difficult:

A long-distance relationship can be a challenging task for you to prove that your partner is not living together. It's important to clarify the very nature of your relationship when you can't provide evidence of coexistence. 

If this is the case, you need to provide other important, honest evidence about your relationship. If you do not have evidence to strengthen ties, you can provide social and financial proof of processing your Australian visa at the same time.